11 Hacks for How to Keep a Dog Cool During Summer


1. Dog Hacks For Summer

Tip #1

keep your dog hydrated and have access to plenty of water, so at home and in the garden, this can just mean that you’ve got enough of water bowls dotted around the place making sure that they are regularly refreshed. Sometimes even adding ice to them can help keep water cooler which can encourage your dog to drink more water. Now if you’re outside if you’re on a walk somewhere then actually making sure that you carry a water bottle. Not just for yourself but for your dog is very important. And we can help our dogs drink this water in a couple of different ways.

So the first is carrying a folding bowl that you can just pop out and pour the water in there to allow your dog to have a drink or you can also get a bottle of water made specifically for your dog. that has a fold out drinking bowl comes with it so that you’ll never forget or leave it behind.



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