6 Common Beagles Facts Only True Beagle Parents Know

Beagles Facts Only True Beagle Parents Understand

1. Beagle loves food

Beagles love food

Being a beagle parent is one of the most joyful experiences. Those friendly, curious, dogs are terribly energetic and super active in daily life. They can be a good company for kids and adults alike, and definitely one of the best pooches any family would ever want.

Living with this four-legged friend demands a bit of a balancing act. Those big, sheepish eyes look ready to cry, and it might be up to you to do something about it. Right! Well, here are 6 things only true beagle people will understand.

Seriously though, they’re obsessed with food like crazy. And you’ll probably never going to be able to eat another meal in peace because you know those irresistible puppy eyes will look at you like “you’re giving me some of that right?” and even if you avoid his looks, your pooch will try to steal your plate and run away. Yes! their that much of troublemakers.



  1. We have a beagle, her name is Lucy. She is so sneaky. She hides from you then jumps out at you when you get close. She loves the mailman. If she is inside she acts like she would eat him up. But open that door and she’s all lovely covey. 5 1


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