How To Help A Beagle Parent Through The Grief Of Losing His Dog


When a hound dog parent loses a best companion, It will be terribly hard and sometimes dangerous. Especially if you have other dogs. You will not be the only one suffering from this. In addition to your own grief, and maybe your children who were too attached to him. You will have to help the other pets through their distress reaction. We all know that beagles are very friendly companions, they’re very hard to lose.

In the following lines, we’ll show you different ways that can help you and your family through those hard times.

Surround yourself with people who can support you

Understanding your feeling of grief is an essential step towards healing. It’s ok to cry, don’t fight your feeling and let your tears flow and wash out your loss. And it is crucial to have understanding people around. They can support you and make you feel better. Talk to them about the good memories you had with your lost companion. You can even join support groups on social media or in help centers.

Give it time

Grief takes time and is not a linear process.  Give yourself time to grieve and authentically mourn. Always remember the good times you spent with your lost companion. You can also spend time doing activities that will help you process your feelings. You can do painting, singing, writing… my friend went through this by getting herself busy crafting, she used Pinterest as an inspirational ground. She absolutely felt better after she got herself busy with all the creative new DIY.

Be Prepared For Strong Emotions

Losing your beagle can take you over in waves of emotion. The first time your pet doesn’t wake you up, the first anniversary of your pet which you are not going to celebrate, the first birthday after a loss … these are just a few of the occasions that can stir up strong emotions. Don’t feel weird about the amount of grief you feel over the loss of your fur baby. Be prepared for these sad moments so you can give yourself time and permission to grieve again. It can help to call and reach out to your friends and relatives who can support you.

Don’t Just Assume You Need Another Beagle

While some family dog lovers are ready immediately for a new pet, others might not be. It may be tempting to run out and adopt another beagle, most experts recommend waiting at least three months. Be sure you and your family are fully over the grief before you bring a new pooch. Know that you did all you could for your beagle and when the time is right to give a home to another beagle in need. It honors the one you lost as well.

Natural Grief Remedies Can Help

Nature has a solution for every problem, we just need to know how to use the right resources. Scientists came up with the Natural grief remedies that are known to reduce stress, anxiety, and grief. There are too many options on the market. Some of our favorites include the Bach Flower Essences if you have grieving pets and the Biosource Naturals Open Heart Body-Mind Remedy Lotion for you to help you feel better.

Our Advice

Think of all the wonderful things you gave to your beagle, love and wonderful life, celebrate the great times they had and know that your pet went to heaven. A loved and spoilt pooch. Then when you’re ready, go to a rescue shelter and find another to love and give a wonderful home too.

Please feel free to share your advice in the comment sections.


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