10 Worst Christmas Moments Carnage Caused By Our Best Furry Friends


10. Christmas Band

Many of us see our pets dogs or cats as the world’s most innocent and cutest creature for the “whole year”, but that kind of statement starts to change in a heartbeat as soon as the holiday season comes to visit our homes. You choose the perfect place for your Christmas tree, you start decorating and making your house as beautiful as you can then you discover after a couple of minutes that your Christmas tree becomes their playground and your nightmare. In this article, we will spot the light on some of the worst Christmas carnage we have ever seen.

Don’t look at us! It was all him!

Beagles are curious, following their noses and trying to discover new things which makes the Christmas tree their target during the holiday, so it’s better to protect your Christmas decoration before it’s too late.

Dog destriy christmas atmosphere


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