14 Most Hilarious And Lovely Dog Moments At A Wedding Ceremony



From that elegantly embellished entrance to the Rolls-Royce filled with bouquets, from taking vows together to never part till death to throwing your significant other under the bus when asked who’s messier, from groom crying at the sight of his beautiful bride to the burst of laughter at the speech of the best man, a wedding is a combination of emotions from beginning to the end. And much like your future other-half, your doggo has always been there for you in all stages of your life including this big ceremony.

There are a plethora of stories to be told when it comes to including dogs at weddings. I guess when our canine friends are involved, there’s just a little too much fun to take things too seriously!!

These pictures of dogs at weddings will never let you put “No Dogs” policy:

1. Happily fur-ever after!!

How sweet is the first newlywed’s kiss? and how sweeter can it become if your pet is present there? And guess what the dog is thinking,” Sweetheart, I will always remember our first kiss and will you remember those joyful licks and kisses I used to give you after your long day at work?”


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