5 Common Dog Diseases Beagles Are Prone To


As a beagle parent, we should be mindful of the most common dog diseases that can affect our beagles. You need to be able to prevent any unwanted health condition in order to keep your pet safe and healthy.
In the following article, We would like to share with you some of the famous dog diseases beagles suffer from.

Cherry Eye

This is a case where the gland of one of the three eyelids of the dog’s eye slips out of its natural place. The gland starts swelling and become red after it collapses. This situation prevents tears from cleaning the eyes leading to discomfort and irritation. Even if it isn’t always painful, it can cause infection if it’s not treated correctly.

It is not yet totally known what causes this eye condition. Vets always relate it to the eye’s weak connective tissues. In order to heal it, you will be needing to put your dog through surgery.


This is where there is too much pressure on the eye, due to an extra liquid called aqueous humor. You need to treat is as soon as possible in order to avoid leading your beagle to canine blindness.

You should take your pet to the vet when you see that the pupils of your dog’s eye got different shapes, vessels in the white of the eye or when you see too much unnecessary tears or swollen eyes.

Glaucoma is treated with prescribed eye drops in light cases. But, in severe cases, it can only be cured with surgery.


Vets believe that hypothyroidism can be handled by allowing your dog to live normally. This dog malady is a condition where your beagle has an autoimmune disorder. The body thinks that there’s something wrong and starts to attack himself. in this case, the body replaces the hormones with fats in the thyroid, causing gland atrophy.

Just remember that if you follow the vet’s prescriptions, your dog will be able to live a happy life.


Type 1 and 2 diabetes are not only human. Dogs are also affected by this disease. They can have insulin production problems genetically or due to their nutrition and lifestyle.

In dogs, symptoms are appetite disorder, thirst, increased urination and lethargy.

Your beagle can live a normal life with diabetes if you take good care of him. Just listen to your vet’s advice and give the prescribed medications.

Ear Infection

The cutest thing about beagles is their ears. But the shape makes them prone to keep any type of moisture or parasite inside. This can lead to ear infection if you don’t pay attention to its hygiene. Signs are that your beagle is shaking his head too often or if you smell a bad odor coming from the ears. Please take your pet to the vet as soon as you detect it. Early treatment can cure the infection easily and faster.

You need to be able to prevent any unwanted health condition in order to keep your pet safe and healthy from dog diseases.


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