5 Essential Weight Loss Tips For A Healthy Beagle

5 Essential Weight Loss Tips For Dog

Weight loss is one of the common topics that we hear about almost everywhere, even for beagles. In the following article, we present to you 5 weight loss tips that can help you reach a healthy weight goal for your furry friend.

The Mindset

Helping your puppy get in shape is all about lifestyle choices, and is a test that you and your Beagle should deal with together. This is a positive thing, and not something that you should fear or consider as an endurance test. Weight loss is a challenge can take some time. You may not see results in days or even weeks. But, if you implement the right habits and feed your pet on the right foods at the right time. This will help your pet stay sane on his way to weight loss. The results will be astonishing. In fact, your beagle will stay safe from unnecessary weight gain and develop healthy eating Habits.

Please keep in mind that you should control your pet’s desires. Enjoy the process and keep it always fun and enjoyable to include healthy habits into your life.

Never neglect anything that can distract you from your goal. Just focus and keep going forward. you know it’s working when you stick to the plan.

Control what’s on your pet’s plate

Yes, You should measure how many kibbles you give to your pet, even 10 extra pieces a day can lead to obesity. On the other hand, the most helpful of weight loss tips is to reduce or even remove snacking from your pet’s diet. This can be daring if you use to treat your pet for good behavior. But if you can’t do without it, you should consider the low calories option.

The recommendation says that you should always reward good behavior with a tasty treat. Just make it a healthy and nutritious one.

Reach for low calories and quality foods

You can keep the amount of food intake the same, the only thing is that you should reduce the calories included in the kibbles. This will go unnoticed by your beagle since he will be getting the same quantity, but with a quality suited to help in the weight loss process.

In order to choose low calories, you need to be careful. Make sure it comes from natural sources at 100%. Do not use any foods that are mixed with preservative products. This means, no MSG, fillers, corn, soy or high grain contents. The US manufactured products are your only choice here. Check the Labels, it should always state ‘healthy weight’ or ‘reduces calories’ and similar descriptions on the packaging.

Develop slow eating habits

Your beagles should always chew his food correctly and slowly. This will help him feel the nutritious flavors in it, increase satiation and allow his stomach and brain to know what’s coming in in order to prepare the necessary chemicals to get the most out of it. For this, slow eating is the key.

From the slow feeding bowl to the dispensing toys, it is the best way to get your furry friend to enjoy the benefits of what he put into his body. You Can check our article on slow eating methods to help your beagle in weight loss for more details.


In addition to lowering the calories, you should focus on increasing the activity level of your beagle. This step is mandatory to complete the weight loss formula. Make your beagle a regular workout partner. Your vitality and his lies in the habit of exercise.
Before you start, make sure to check with the veterinarian first in order to measure the level of intensity you’ll apply to the exercise plan.

If your beagle is a couch potato, you need to take it slow. Start with short walks, then increase the activity level and add some playful games that your pet enjoys. Try to add some new games to his weight loss plan. This will keep you both safe from boredom and let you enjoy the weight loss journey together.



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