6 Effective Tricks To Make Your Dog Walk When He Refuses To

6 Effective Tricks To Make Your Dog Walk

6. beagle stop dog walk

When a dog doesn’t respond and refuses to walk, there’s always something behind this behavior. The duty of the owner is to understand why the dog walk stopped, and deal with it the best way possible.

The natural owner’s behavior, when a dog refuses to walk, is to pull the leach. Try to lure him with treats, or shout to remind him who’s the boss. But this doesn’t always work and can lead to unwanted feeling for both sides. Beagles are known for their stubbornness. From chewing on things to their famous sniffing trips. We all know that they are not always easy to tame.

In this article, we will share with you some of the best practical things to do when your beagle refuses to walk.

Understand What Makes Him Stop Walking

The solution to any problem is understanding what causes it. In our case, you need to scan the surroundings. Look if there are any other dog friends he wants to meet and give him time to socialize. If the surrounding is empty. Get Close to your pooch and check the collar, the harness. Try to loosen them if it’s too tight. If everything looks fine. Ask yourself about the weather. If it’s raining and your dog isn’t correctly dressed for it. It’s time to get him a warm, waterproof coat and some dog booties.



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