Destructive Dog Chewing: What Causes It, How to Prevent It And Stop It

Destructive Dog Chewing

Why Does Your Dog Chew On Everything?

You may have spotted to your beagle chewing on your Favorite new shoes, shouted at him then removed the shoes from his mouth and walked away angry. This experience left both of you upset. You disliked the fact that your dog ruined your new shoes. But what you hated more is that you shouted at him knowing that it’s natural for dogs to chew on things. this helps them keep a strong jaw and relieve them from stress.

Dog Chewing Personal Stuff

This situation is among lots of other destructive dog chewing scenes. Sometimes we come home from work and found out that the dog took a bite of the carpet, the door, the sofa, or even the chair. So what can we do to prevent this unwanted behavior, deal with it and stop it?

What Causes Destructive Dog Chewing?

In order to prevent or stop something, we need to understand what causes it first. Chewing starts for dogs when they’re still puppies. This kind of chewing is very normal, as it is the period of teeth growth. This can be easily dealt with using chewing dog toys (More on that in the solution section). I used the Nylabone Puppy Chew for my beagle Abby when she was a puppy. It is small, low budget and durable. I kept buying her dog chewing toys since. But sometimes I find her chewing on the mattress. That’s a signal that means she’s upset. I take her for a walk and that solves it. Your dog may not have the same character. But the common fact is that grown-up dogs can chew for many reasons. The natural chewing cause is strengthening their Jaw. Dogs like to challenge a rough solid wall with their mouth open. They just cannot resist it. On the other hand, when you find your dog chewing on anything, it may be caused by anxiety, separation, loneliness or some teeth problems. This is where you should check with your veterinarian and keep an eye on your pooch. 

After we tackled the causes that may lead to this unwanted dog behavior. Let’s go through the solutions.

  • Dog Chewing Toys
  • Dog Proof Your House
  • Bad Tasting Repellants And Sprays
  • Exercise is the key
  • Never Leave Your Dog Alone For Too Long

You can get into more details on our article 5 Effective Ways To Stop Destructive Dog Chewing.

Our Advice

If you’re struggling to get your dog to stop chewing on your stuff. Pay attention to his behavior and try the tips we explained above. If you have any other solutions to share with us, we’ll be very happy to learn from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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