Never Feed Your Dog This Forbidden Food



NEVER feed your dog cooked bones – as tempting as it may be after the Sunday lunch has been cooked and all that remains is the bone with some meat on it, don’t send him off into the garden to lie in the sun and munch away on his bone. They can splinter, and the result will be a mad dash to the veterinary surgery or hospital, whichever is open, to remove splintered bones from his throat. They can also lodge in the intestines, the resultant effect being a costly operation.

Dogs love bones but feed them large raw bones. Plunge them into boiling water for a couple of minutes, as this will remove the bacteria that will have accumulated on them. If you are going to feed your dog bones, NEVER leave him unattended, be around to wrestle the bone of him is you sense problems with digestion.

If you think it’s funny when your dog tries to drink out of your lunchtime or dinner tipple (as they tend to do) remove the drink immediately as alcohol is toxic to hounds, big or large.

Never, ever chocolate. Not even the tiniest bit, unless it’s dog chocolate. The slightest amount will, without doubt, result in a fatality or an extremely ill and suffering dog.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COFFEE ON THE FLOOR IF YOU ARE RELAXING. Caffeine is dangerous for dogs to consume and can cause all sorts or seizures, strokes and even heart failure.

Fruit that has stones or pips should be ‘destined or dipped’ before being fed to your dog, as much as they love their fruity treats. Digestion of these is extremely difficult for dogs and they can get lodged in the intestines.

All varieties of onions, garlic and avocado must be avoided as these contain sulfoxides and disulfides, all of which can cause damage to red blood cells and a very sick dog.

Grapes, raisins, and mushrooms must also be avoided at all
costs – the high dog-toxic content in these items can cause organ failure, toxic shock and in some cases a sad death.

Diligence is the key to keeping your dog healthy, fit and most importantly alive. You use child locks on cupboards and keep dangerous substances out of reach of tiny hands of children – you must do the same for your dog.

Nuts – another tricky one. There are too many reports regarding problems with dogs eating nuts that it is probably better not to feed any form of the nut to your dog. It is a known fact that macadamia nuts are toxic, but all other nuts seem to have no real proof of goodness or otherwise.


The only sensible ‘leftovers’ to feed your pet is what is left over from the tasty meals you have cooked for him, not what is left on your plate – i.e. no leftover curries, spicy food or anything with additives. If you have pure steamed vegetables or boiled vegetables, then great, you can use those. Best not to use any other food items that can cause an upset stomach, as tempting as it may be.

When you cook for your dog, make sure you have plenty of sealable plastic containers and bags in order to freeze any items that are not used. When you make tray bakes of treats, or if you make large quantities of doggie broth or dinners, they will be happy sitting in the freezer for another time.

Make maximum use of your freezer when you can.


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