The Royal Wedding Confirms That Dogs Can Attend Ceremonies


1. dogs-attend-ceremonies

You sure witnessed the famous royal wedding, where Guy the beagle was a noticeable guest. And he sure behaved very well. He was even able to share a drive with Queen Elisabeth on that day (even the bride couldn’t do it). This is more than enough proof that beagles can be very welcome to ceremonies.

Yes! Beagles can attend ceremonies too, as much as your beagle loves to spend time with you every day, he wouldn’t miss a special event of yours either.

So you must be prepared for some unpredictable behavior from your furry friend. He always wants to be there for you on your big days! Which adds to the extra training and polishing that you need to do in order to have your beagle under control during an event.

Curious to learn some practical tips on how to handle your pooch in ceremonies? Then keep on reading.



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